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Hi Maciek! To start with, maybe you can tell us something more about yourself: When did you become interested in electronic music? Was trance your first love or maybe you had been fascinated with other genre first? Did you start with production and then learnt djing or the other way round? Hi! Something more about me hmm... so I became interested in music a long long time ago when your favourite tunes heard on the radio were recorded on cassettes and dinosaurs ran around the streets. (smile) For sure trance was not my first love. I heard trance for the first time from my friend, whose elder brother was a DJ. I guess that thanks to him I fell in love with this genre. Was the production first? Hmm... it depends if you treat composing melodies on keyboard as production. If yes then production was first! Next, I started to work on FL Studio (Fruity Loops - editorial note) which I keep using till now (well maybe not the same version). (smile)

Recently Polish promoters have not shown themselves to their best advantage in the international arena. They cancel events at the last moment and default on their agreements with the artists. Do you think that such unpleasant situations may discourage foreign artists from performing in our country? Are you more cautious in booking choice because of that?
Such situations discourage foreign as well as Polish artists and that's for sure. Unfortunately I experienced that kind of treatment. The event that I was supposed to play at has been cancelled for some unknown reason and there wasn't any official announcement about that. People found out about that decision from facebook post... It was odd and unprofessional, at least, but in my opinion we shouldn't give up on all Polish promoters just because of a few failures. We've got many different Polish agencies, some of them have been working on their good reputation for years, and they're doing really good job. As for my bookings my agent takes care of it so I don't have to worry about details.

It's not a secret that trance from a couple of years ago differs significantly from trance that we listen to currently. Some people sadly claim that they don't feel any emotions in it anymore, that tracks are "empty". Would you agree? What is your opinion in this matter?
That's true. Current trance differs from trance from a couple of years ago and this is natural because everything changes in the course of time. Whether this is the change for the better or the worse - the listener should decide on that. I feel emotions all the time because I listen to the music, not to the artists. I listen to tracks which I like and they don't need to be perceived by others as interesting. I think that it's all about changing style. The artists change their style for something "more popular" at the particular time, namely a lot of bass and little content and melody.

How is it with production right now? I mean the technical side of it. I've heard that nowadays there are too many plug-ins and other gadgets which makes that tracks are "overdone". Are you a fan of all technical novelties?
As far as technical side of tracks is concerned I'm very demanding. Great number of plug-ins and samples doesn't guarantee good quality and that's the main problem recently. Even well-known producers have this problem because their music sounds exactly the same as a year ago and since then the quality evolved and improved so their music should have improved as well. One may draw only one conclusion: To stand still is to fall behind. Of course for many listeners it's not a problem and for me neither because the most important thing about music is that it should bring joy. However, for me, beside good melody and atmosphere the track has to be well prepared from the technical side as well.

The world premiere of Armin van Buuren's compilation Universal Religion Chapter 7 was 13th September 2013 and on Tuesday 17th September is was released in Poland. One of two CDs includes your production - Gladius. Where did the idea for this tune come from?
I'm really happy that Armin included my production on his legendary compilation. It's hard to say where the idea for exactly this tune came from because I really have a lot of ideas. It started from the main melody which I composed one morning and then I did my best to produce the whole track and I'm satisfied with the final effect.

Together with big room tunes, so popular lately, the artists currently prefer tracks at 140bpm. We can't say this about you since your tracks usually have slower tempo. Do you try to mark your style that way?
I like big room tunes, I like uplifting, on my mp3 player I've got drum&bass, dubstep and many soundtracks. As I already mentioned I listen to the music, not to genres or artists. Big room tracks are very popular recently, that's a fact, but all in moderation... After a few tracks of this type I'm fed up with them. It's nice to play at the party one or two tunes with strong drop but nowadays sets consist of only that kind of tracks which, in my opinion, is tedious and monotonous. My tunes usually have 133-134bpm. Sometimes it's more and sometimes it's less. This range suits me best and I'll stick to it. Of course it's fun to do something completely different and no hateful remarks can change that. I just don't understand this extremely popular lately "smear campaign" against artists who decide to produce one or two tracks in completely different style. If you don't like it - don't listen to it. When I hear comments like "crap", "shit", "he sold out" it confirms me in the belief that we all lack understanding, tolerance and acceptation of free will. It starts with music but ends in real life - hostility, conflicts and wars.

Recently I've heard one DJ saying that so called 138/140 style, so famous at the moment, is a tribute to the old good uplifting trance which had thousands of fans all over the world owing to its fast tempo. Would you agree?
Yes. (smile)

Whose production do you find exceptionally interesting and why? Maybe I'll specify my question: I'm not asking about your inspirations or producers who have been existing on EDM scene for many years. I'm rather interested in new talents like Andrew Rayel or Wezz Devall.
Both guys have very interesting and different from common patterns production. They introduced many intriguing ideas and combinations in trance music. It's hard to list only one exceptional young producer. One of the young talents who spreads his wings is eighteen-year-old guy, whose nick is Wach. I had a chance to meet him in person when I was in Tunisia. Also, it's worth mentioning names like Hazem Beltagui and Alexandre Bergheau who already have many excellent productions and not without reason received support from Armin van Buuren.

Some time ago you had an opportunity to perform in Tunisia. Did you experience any distinct culture difference? Anything surprised you or shocked?
For sure I experienced temperature difference. Beside that everybody was very nice, thoughtful, and smiling especially during my performance in the club which was packed. I was with my great surprise when I started my set and saw huge Polish flag with the sign "Arisen Flame welcome in Tunisia". What is more I was shocked with the number of fans who wanted to take a photo with me. I didn't expect it at all! There is also an aftermovie from that night which is a wonderful keepsake and a chance to feel this energy one more time. You can check it here

Tell us about your production plans for the next few months and where can we meet you?
My new tracks are almost finished and I tried to put in them as much experience and emotion as possible. I also made a remix with vocal. I can't tell you much about it yet but I'm very happy with the final result. Where can you meet me in the nearest future hmm...my agent negotiates a couple of interesting bookings abroad but we have to confirm them first. All news are available on my fanpage which I encourage you to visit https://www.facebook.com/arisenflame

Can we ask for a couple of words for WeLoveTrance.pl readers and your fans?
Above all thanks for this interview and I admire those who managed to read all my answers. (laugh) But seriously, I'm really happy that I have more and more fans. I read all the posts and comments on my fanpage and they are really nice and motivating for further work. I wish you all persistence in making your dreams come true. It doesn't matter how much time it will take, time will pass. See you all on the dancefloors!

Thanks for the interview and I wish you further success!

Interviewed & translated by Marta Walu



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