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Hi Jordan! At the beginning of this interview I want to ask you about your label Damaged Records which is quite new. What made you to establish your own label? Were you fed up with yielding to the expectations of others?
I just wanted to push something new this year and have a new brand that covers my radio show, record label and events brand. I am still going to release tracks on other labels, but its nice to have something I can grow as well.

Centipede is the outcome of your collaboration with Eddie Bitar and at the same time "the gem" of Damaged Records. This tune includes some psy trance elements. Are you planning to produce more psy tracks in the future?
I love to include elements from various styles of music rather than just making another generic trance record. This is why I have tried to add in some sounds from psy trance & techno as well to keep things interesting for me. Although, I have a number of new tracks, which are tech trance, uplifting and psy tech trance. James Dymond and Allen & Envy remixes of "Centipede" were released on Monday, February 24, 2014 on Beatport.

Running you own record label is a huge responsibility and you often have to display businessman skills. Aren't you afraid that such enterprise will be so absorbing that you become more a manager of the label than a producer/DJ?
I actually done a degree in Business Studies and Marketing, so I don't mind the business side of running a label. Although, I also have Black Hole Recordings running things with me, so it doesn't take up too much of my time and won't impact my DJ career in a negative or time consuming way.

You emphasise in your biography that one has to earn for the title of DJ/produce/technical magician. It is true that currently there are many self-appointed artists. What traits/features/skills should have a real artist according to you?
Well I think everyone should have their own edge in the scene to stand out. It's not for me to say what people should do, but if you can try to add something extra it certainly will help.

Recently there have been a few changes as far as you radio shows are concerned. Goodgreef Radio show ended, Damaged Radio show started and you've become the resident of BBC Radio 1 as part of the In New DJs We Trust rotation. Could you tell us something more about those new projects?
I passed the Goodgreef Radio show over to new talent Liam Wilson and started my own Damaged Radio show instead. I was resident on Radio 1 for a year which was a whirl wind experience, but it was great to share music I loved to the masses.

Playing and producing 138-140bpm tracks has been popular for quite a long time now. Some people describe this phenomenon as coming back to the roots, when trance from 2005/2006 was in its full bloom and most of tracks were 138bpm. Would you agree with such description?
Yeah, I think a scene is only as strong as the producers making the tracks. There are certainly a lot of great talents in the 138 Trance scene from all over the world, so for me its looking very healthy.

How are you impressions after ASOT 650 in Utrecht? Would you compare it to the other event that you were performing at?
It was absolutely insane!! Every now and then I would see a flash of light across the arena and see the thousands of ravers going wild! My favorite gig to date.

We are still enjoying your Centipede but I'm sure that your fans are very eager to know what other juicy tracks you're preparing for us in the nearest months?
I have a collaboration with Paul van Dyk, Simon Patterson, Bryan Kearney, Mark Sherry, Maarten de Jong & Paul Webster. Also, I am working on a remix for Paul Oakenfold and have loads of new originals lined up too.

Can we ask for a couple of words for WeLoveTrance.pl readers and your Polish fans?
A big thank you for the support of my music and I hope to see you all very soon! (smile)

Thank you very much for this interview and I wish all the best!

Interviewed & translated by Marta Walu



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